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How much do the services cost?

Other than PayCheck, which is priced based on the number of employees, all consulting is done on a time and expenses basis. Most jobs can be guesstimated, but all consulting engagements are billed for time actually spent and expenses, we do not bid jobs as flat fees. The cost of consulting services typically amounts to a small percentage of the sums paid in salaries. Actual rates and ways we can work within a client's budget can be discussed with potential clients.

Do you discount hourly rates for some clients?

Not as such. But if a client would like to put us on retainer that will result in a lower hourly rate.

How does the retainer work?

The retainer is essentially an advance purchase of hours to ensure availability and provide a more predictable expense to the client. Depending on the number of hours a client wishes to purchase the effective cost for those hours can be reduced in consideration of the simplified invoicing and regular cash flow to the consultant.

How many associates work with your firm?

We use a network of professional associates, which are employed on a contract or temporary basis as needed for larger projects. At present the network of people who can assist with compensation assignments consists of six individuals, most in their own related businesses. We have a much larger network of about 50 other professionals who can handle other issues that might be appropriate to a small business. Most of the time the work is personally performed by Bob Culmer. Unlike larger firms, the consultant you meet with is really the person working on your project.

Do you work outside of the Dallas area?

Yes; however, to maintain service to existing clients, we try to minimize lengthy onsite work with a client. If the client is willing to handle a great deal of the information transfer through fax, email and phone calls, expenses can saved and timely completion of the project can be ensured. Any travel that may be required will be at the client's expense, per the contract.

Who is your typical client?

Our clients range from small businesses with one employee to larger firms with around 500 employees. They span a variety of industries; energy, public relations, software, internet businesses, real estate advertising, and publishing to name a few. Our target market is small to medium size businesses, from 1 to about 500 employees. We are especially interested in the under 200 employee firms, as these have been largely ignored by other compensation consulting firms.

Are you willing to work through other consultants or firms?

Yes, under the right arrangements and subject to availability. The firm must have a good reputation and be prompt about billing and payment. See this page for more details.

Do you work with public sector and/or non-profit organizations?

No, not directly. Our primary experience is with private industry clients. However, we may consider work for these clients as part of someone else's project.

How long have you been in business?

The firm began in April 1991, and later took the Fulminata Associates name. See the About Me page.

What does the name Fulminata mean?

Fulminata (FULL-men-AH-tah) is Latin, meaning "thunderbolt". Thus the logo is the mythical god Jupiter clutching the thunderbolts. Like a "bolt from the blue", your company will experience a sudden "change of fortune" by using our consulting services.

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