Working Through Other Firms

From time to time a firm with a related business practice becomes involved with a client project where my expertise is needed.

I believe that the best, fairest and simplest way to handle these situations is to make the referral or introduction and let the client and I take it from there. I have no problem coordinating with the others regarding their facets of the overall project so that, where necessary and appropriate, all of our efforts mesh seamlessly. The straight referral enhances the original consultant's position with the client as a valuable resource.

There are some circumstances where it makes sense for me to work through another firm on a subcontract basis. Under the right terms and conditions, I am not opposed to these arrangements. Basically, these conditions are: the value of the project is high and offsets the loss of my own "brand" enhancement and higher billing rate and repeat business, and the contractor I will be working for is reputable.

In addition, the contractor should rebill my time promptly and pay me promptly. The only times I have ever had difficulty getting paid was when I did work through someone else's firm. So I hope you will understand that I need to have this spelled out in our agreement and I will be interested in learning about you from other sources as well, especially those who have subcontracted for you in the recent past.

No Flat or Fixed Fees
I work and charge by the hour plus expenses. I'm happy to provide guesstimates and to work within a client's budget, to keep them informed of where we are in the project and fees and to provide early notice and options if that guesstimate must change. My experience has been that there are too many variables in this line of work and even the most reasonable people are tempted to "scope creep" when they have a fixed price. I am a firm believer in the maxim that “it is better to be sorry you didn’t get the work, than sorry you did.”

On-Site Work and Travel
Extensive on-site work and/or travel are possible depending upon the press of other business and prior commitments. Travel is least preferable in order to maintain service to other clients, as well as my own business development.

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