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Ineffective pay policies could cost you 10% of payroll, every year!


In a survey we conducted of companies with less than 500 employees
2/3 set the budget for salary increases in a way that does not respond to the competitive market for their specific jobs.

3/4 used a method of giving salary increases which results in overpaying some employees, while failing to remain competitive for others.

7/10 have bonus plans that do not provide reward for and incentive to better performance as effectively as they could. 

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If you want your employees to do something, you can tell them. But what you say with pay speaks louder than words. We help small businesses achieve lightning performance, and energize their bottom line by making pay strategy and business strategy work together, by improving the link between pay and performance.

When you pay employees, money talks
Make It Say the Right Thing!


Faced with the choice of hiring a full-time compensation manager, costing in the mid to upper 5 figures, or paying hundreds of dollars per hour for consultants from big name firms, many businesses did without professional compensation advice. By the time it was feasible, problems were often serious.


Now there is a new choice, more economical than either of the old alternatives, without sacrificing any of the talent and experience.

Every company can benefit from a compensation plan; now every company can afford one. For many, this is an ideal alternative to a full time compensation manager.

"Fulminata's focus on small businesses means that their considerable experiential
knowledge base is undiluted by considerations relevant only to larger companies.
Accordingly, the analyses they perform and the results they deliver
are similarly undiluted. This means that the relevance of those results
to small company problems and issues is intense.
Their demonstrable expertise, professionalism and integrity
has resulted in consistently delivering 100% on time, on target products for us.
So far those products have included comprehensive job descriptions, pay rates and ranges, pay policies and administrative guidelines and performance appraisal procedures."
-Bob Jackson, Arriva Enterprises, Inc.

"[Our new pay plan] has generated a lot of enthusiasm among our employees.
They are taking more responsibility for the amount of their individual production,
and they are anxious to take additional certification tests.
I am confident that we will see even more improvement..."
-Joni Felts, Express Pest Control

"We can say without reservation, that we are very pleased with the products/services.
The depth of analysis was impressive and thought-provoking.
The final proposals/options were clearly communicated and logical.
Bob exudes great enthusiasm with his work, and we certainly look forward to engaging his services again (in fact, we already have)."
-Mark Davis Bailey, The Original Pancake House, Dallas

"I cannot thank you enough for the professionalism and expertise you displayed
in assisting me with formulating a bonus plan for the employees in my dental office.
I needed a system that would provide incentive and properly
reward an employee for hard to measure intangibles,
such as always making sure that the patient was the number one priority.
You completely grasped the situation and provided a plan
that integrated all of the many factors I wanted considered
in calculating a bonus for each employee.
Again I truly appreciate your having provided a thorough,
yet easily implemented plan, designed specifically for my office.
- Connie J Smith D.D.S.

"We have multiple revenue streams, each with different profit margins.
We needed a bonus incentive plan that would encourage and reward for improvements
in all of them, while at the same time ensuring that we were profitable
before paying bonuses. The plan Bob Culmer designed for us met these difficult objectives
and has been an important part in our doubling of revenues in six months.
He was very patient, detailed oriented and very responsive.
I'd recommend him to anyone who needs a top notch incentive plan."
- Kim Morris, Pappy's Pet Lodge

Are you getting the best value and performance for salary dollars?
If you hand out paychecks it makes sense to get a PayCheck.

When you pay employees, money talks
Make It Say the Right Thing!

PayCheck can tell you what it's saying.


Are you paying too much? Are you paying too little? More importantly, is the way you decide what to pay going to cause you to pay too much or too little in the long run? PayCheck is a review of pay policies and practices to alert you to the need for action. In other words, what does the pay "say"? We address the following areas:

Competitive pay levels of employees.*

Relative pay levels of employees.

How raises are given.

Size and criteria for bonuses.

Communication of pay and bonus policies.

Appropriateness of the policies for your organization, do they support your business strategy.

* Due to the diversity of jobs and availability (or lack of) data it may not be possible to provide a definitive answer to this question. We are confident that we can improve on most methods businesses are currently using.

The price for PayCheck is based on the number of employees.

Get a quick check on the competitiveness of your pay. Click here

Well designed and communicated pay plans help you attract, retain, motivate and reward employees. They also provide budget control, support the business strategy and give assurance that the money is spent appropriately. More often than not; sound pay practices are a matter of how the money is distributed, not the total spent.

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